Outgrowing A peo

Determine If & When Its Time To Exit Your PEO

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your PEO?

The PEO model is a great fit for many small to mid-size businesses, but it’s not the right solution for every company. If you suspect that you have outgrown your PEO, then it’s time to take a close look at where you are, what you need, and how to move forward. PEO Benchmark can help you:

Evaluate your HR needs and solutions

Compare your current PEO to other options

Solve problems like an expensive healthcare renewal or cost inefficiencies

Help you create a PEO exit strategy and prepare for the next step

Replace all of your PEO services with a stand-alone model

From start to finish, we help you make the best decision for your team without disrupting your organization. Our approach considers your full range of HR requirements as you decide whether it’s best to renegotiate your contract, switch to a different PEO, or bring your HR function in house.

Take Your Next Step with Confidence

When you’ve grown beyond the capacity of your PEO, you need a viable exit strategy and a plan for building out a stand-alone HR solution. We help you examine every HR touchpoint throughout your organization, including:


Taxes and Liabilities


Health Insurance

Benefits Administration

Workers’ Compensation

HR Policies

Talent Management

HRIS Technology Platform

We dive deep into the HR services and support you need so you can make the best decision for your team. Based on our custom benchmark analysis, we help you plan a strategic course of action to support continued growth and optimal function based on your unique needs and requirements.

Let us show you how to build an HR strategy that serves your growing workforce.

Your Partners for Value-Driven HR Solutions

We are objective third-party consultants who are committed to your success, not to selling a product. With our extensive background in the complex world of PEO services and workforce management, we offer a unique perspective on the PEO lifecycle, how it serves your growth objectives, and when it’s time for a custom solution.

Our mission is to help you find the best HR solution for your workforce, whether that means staying with your current PEO, switching to a PEO that fits your organization better, or transitioning to a stand-alone model. When it’s time to exit your PEO, we will help you design a cost-efficient, value-driven internal HR structure tailored to your requirements. Here’s how we do it:



We take a deep look at your current situation including costs, benefit packages, healthcare renewals, inefficiencies, service duplications, and more. We pull all that data together into a benchmark analysis that identifies pain points and shows why you should or shouldn’t make a change.



Based on your unique requirements and needs, we compare your current PEO with others on the market as well as replacement options such as a stand-alone HRIS, benefits package, and workers’ compensation policy. If it’s time to exit, we’ll show you why, when, and how to transition.



We help you determine a strategy for moving forward, whether that means replacing your current PEO or building out your internal HR function. If you are ready to bring HR in house, we work with you to negotiate contracts for stand-alone health insurance, benefits, worker’s compensation, and technology solutions.



When it’s time to make the switch, we’ll help you conduct due diligence and prepare your organization for the next step. We also help your team get up to speed on new technology, benefits, and processes so you can promote better employee engagement.

Have You Outgrown Your PEO?

We help you design an exit strategy based on the specific needs and objectives of your company. Connect with our team to learn how we can help you navigate your next step successfully.