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Michael Gazzano

Founder & Practice Leader

PEO and Insurance industry veteran Mike Gazzano can be invaluable. Because he’s an objective third-party consultant who spends his daily life parsing the regulatory implications, day-to-day changes and infinite other technicalities of the insurance & PEO world, he can steadily guide your business through the decision to stay with your current PEO or move on to other solutions. In short, Mike acts as the voice of reason as you attempt to balance your company needs and expenses with the often-conflicting priorities of PEOs and insurance vendors.

Mike has an extensive background in the complex world of PEO’s & employee benefits. That said, he acts as an independent entrepreneur with no obligation to sell the products of any particular vendor. That’s why he’s been able to fill an important niche by providing customized opinions to clients that need objective insight into their insurance, HR administration & PEO solutions.


Lori Johnson

Payroll, PEO, Human Resources and Worker's Comp Risk Management

PEO expert Lori Johnson is an asset to any business. Her expertise and deep understanding of PEO can effectivelty and objectively guide your business through the decisions necessary to match your business with the proper PEO or other solutions to fit your needs, priorities and expenses.

Lori is a veteran and master of Payroll, PEO, Human Resources and Worker's Comp Risk Management. She acts as an independent voice of expertise with no obligation to sell a product or service of any specific vendor giving her the ability to provide objective insight for the right solution.

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